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Kamoi experiencing a flashback. Kamoi experiencing a flashback IN CG! XD First character design of Kamoi. First character design of Trenton. MAG sub featuring Andrew's characters. First character design of Elijah. First character design of Avariella. An old doodle of Trenton I found.

Thanat from Lucid Figment by Ruya. Lineart by Bettina. Emlan's old mascot, Bazooka Joel from Wonderland Overdrive by MadHatter. Jirou from Three Wolves Mountain. A random character from Fooley Cooley (FLCL). Hermione as Miss Pommery from Eight Ways From Sunday by Clio. Hajun from I.N.V.U. My character, September. An exercise in drawing shoes. Drew this with Sin City in mind. Jiko from Schism. Again, Jiko, in CG
Kamoi. I tried a new perspective. ^_^ I used a reference from an issue of Dramatic's magazine. A pose from a Shakespearean play. I used a modeling photo of Hayden Christiansen to do this one. While I was visiting my friends in Portales, we were bored at the laundry mat, so I took the oppurtunity to draw my friend, Mark. Miss Pommery before CG.