Clickity Clack
The song blends in

Clickity Clack // 11.29.07
Clickity clack
Goes the keys on the car door
Weíre off on the road
Music up & Iím belting
Letting free my energy
& youíre smiling
To be in my company.
It was this way for a while
My cold heart & your smile
That I firmly resisted every day.
I had to ignore how my pulse twitched
When you stood there opening your arms.
We were free before you left me.
Now clickity clack
Youíre cuffed & taken
How does it feel to be the exclusive
You were avoiding?
You said youíre going to miss me
But you canít pull me out of the
Clouds anymore because I was beginning
To take you with me & you were scared.
So now Iím alone & my warmed heart
Shivers in my chest
Begging your arms to open for me again.
I hope you remember those words you
Said about freedom before you eat too
Much of them & you kiss me while
Kiss me, please, just one
You said
& against my better judgment I did
But itís not my fault
That one week in you broke your
You know youíve been trapped for
Three years & you canít explore when youíre
Chained to the floor.
So you flew with me for a while
But like a drug Iím so often treated
You came down off your high &
Decided you wanted a girl more
I like you.
But I wonít take back my ways.
Yes, Iím strange.
But perhaps it can be like eating too
Much chocolate.
Thereís only so much of me you can
Take, you said.
So Iíll try my best to be okay with
This, wishing sometimes I
Could be more bland &
Less of an island vacation.
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The song blends in // 11.03.07
The transitions unheard by the club
Bumpers nerves & "that's good" he said
Messing beats with their heads & there's
Dancing on bars around poles
Hands hold
Grip &
Down shoulders & thighs
Peace is here in the minds as we grind &
Forget all that shit that happened today.
Love the lights shining on happy faces & bodies
Wondering who's going home with who tonight
& who can't wait so they're in the bathroom
& he laughs as he scratches his tracks
Bobbing head
Chicken dance
& it's filling him up from the toe to the top full
With ecstacy. Drugs can't compare to the thrill
There on the vinyl & the touches of his fingers
Trip the beat again. Electric shock sparking off
DJ to dancer & there is nothing separating
Them from each other. The energy is tangible
In the air, light clasping dust & hanging there
& in this moment we are invulnerable,
Unstoppable, completely & infallibly infinite.
It rises up & seeps into every pore.
It's the night he's been waiting for
& the adrenaline kicked in numbing lips
& face so he's speechless.
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momma // 11.05.07
Life giving powerhouse of love.
I could tell her anything.
One night she came and talked to me
About jalapenos but she pronounced it
Jalapenose and she apologized for
Yelling at me earlier.
I didn't care because she listened to
My every word.
Every senseless word about boys and
School and the way the kids made fun
Of me in junior high school.
She didn't care.
She only loved me and wanted me to
Grow and be what she could not be.
Through her I found my reality
That I am a venue of feeling and she
Has blessed me with possibility.
She with sweet blue eyes
And shining silver hair and soft skin
Plagued with a rude virus
Fuck that fucking gene that marrs
Her legs and hurts her feet
She deserves the world to be
At her fingertips.
She is the goddess of sun and moon.
She is the foundation of my life.
She makes my heart beat.
She commands the attention of the
Room. My father worships her.
She doesn't know the measure of
Her beauty or that I want to
Be just like her when I grow up.
But I've grown up and I'm doing
Everything I can to be the daughter
She wants me to be
She will end her life knowing she did
One thing right and I will carry out
Her legacy
She is a legend to me.
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phosphenes // 11.12.07
This plant life glows like phosphenes in the cloud light.
Small winged beasties flutter glitteringly among the towering slender trees.
My breath caught in my throat.
I feel weird for you.
The me that see sun patterns on dust and mother earth's blood flowing through
Leaf's veins.
I feel dizzy for you.
I'm so light the water carries me afoot it's current in the underground cove
Where stars give birth to the shining in your eyes and I can say goodnight to
My worry and shame.
You lay me out on the lily pad water cool on my skin like I was a mermaid
Once and I was made for this.
Downward emerging you envelope me completely and I see clearly the sky over
Your shoulder as we float out around the visceral reality and we glow casting
Light to chase the shadows as out temperatures rise.
Up you tilt cascading diamonds of light across our plane of hot and they lock
Me down.
And I lose myself in your eyes.
I lose myself in your eyes.
I lose myself in your eyes.
And my body is just a body and my soul lose physical limits so it rises above
Into corporeal energy, exchange that is more real than what meets the sight
The limited sight of men.
Men see not what is real, the code under the physical shell.
It matters not what we can see, taste and smell, this vein of probability is
More than absolute reality.
We climbed up onto the mud wet banks and through my third eye thrown huge and
Dilated I see the field of the future.
With you I coast through a wonderland of life and it's simple and I see the true
Meaning of this other side of life. These things that move and always teem with
They are always there, bumping and shifting waiting for discovery.
The rule of probability, things are real when you want them to be in this
Eternal moment of now.
We are here, we are now, we are not here or there or this or then and we can
Never be. The past is not a place you can go and so it is not real. The only
Moment that exists is now.
The past is a place in your head where details fade and all that can be
Remembered is what you made the most of
In your head
So is anything really real at all?
Or is it all perception based on life reflection?
Let it all go.
Forget who you are and exist as you will with me.
Of course, I should be telling myself that as you are my gateway to freedom.
So kiss my neck and bring up my blood to skin because it doesn't matter what
They think.
They all want the same thing but they fear the truth of humanity.
In this moment of now we all want to be happy.
But few can reach out and take what is already rightfully theirs.
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