I hesitate to make a whole other page just for two three stories, but uh, it's one of those things that might get bigger, I guess? if I ever finish anything, ever.


haunt the world inside you

The huge nothingness between Sacramento and L.A. was a dead man's zone, the few travellers who dared it racing to get from one end of hell to the other. Jon drove while Ryan stared out the window; they made the drive in ten hours, Jon's heart beating double-time the entire ride.
The vaguely apocalyptic road trip au, aka, once you drive the I5 without stopping you never forget it. Panic at the Disco, Pete and Patrick. [13,000 words]


i swallow your words as a placebo for your heart

He doesn't, contrary to all the romance novel stereotypes, think about sex with Patrick until he actually *has* sex with Patrick - so exhausted he feels high, laughing, not thinking, and fucking hardcore awesome. of course, it's pretty early on in their-- thing. Relationship. Anyway. So maybe it doesn't count. That's when Joe and Andy and Charlie make the rules about sex and the van, anyway. The universe, Pete decides, is conspiring to even keep his friends against him.
first bandom story - dunno if it holds up, but it's kind of funny. also could win a consolation prize for "not unlikely to be an actual fob title". Pete and Patrick. [2600 words]


unforecasted storm

"Are you the dude that's gonna help Ryan? You're early," the dude says, and then he scrunches his face up in what Spencer grudgingly admits is a fairly adorable smile. His biofeedback system, meanwhile, chirps deep in the extended processor devoted just to monitoring his biorhythms that he's, in this order: A. hungry; B. surprised; and C. in need of an attitude readjustment.

Spencer replies, "uh, yeah? I guess. I'm the maint, anyway," and makes a mental note to reprogram himself.

Cyborgs and nanotech and revolution, and stuff. and basically no relationships whatsoever, except how it's always Pete/Patrick. [71,000 words]