Xander's in his ice cream truck, driving along Main street, when Buffy sticks out her thumb. She's in a little sun dress, dark brown with pink trim. Xander thinks, right before he stops, that it's pretty ugly - it must be an expensive designer.

"Hey," she says.

"Hi." Xander pulls out again, and with a sigh, turns the music on. "I, uh, nice dress."

Buffy looks down at herself as if she's seeing herself for the first time. "Oh, yeah." She shrugs. "I have class, are you going by Maple? I can catch a bus from there."

"No problem," Xander says. Outside, the stupid bells chime the same stupid song he hears every day. Buffy looks down, and Xander goes into ramble-mode instinctively. "You know what I dream of doing one day?"

She doesn't bother looking up. "what?"

"Playing rap music out of these speakers." He gets into the story, leaning forward over the stupid truck's stupid wheel. "Just blasting Eminem at all those kids. It'd be funny."

Buffy turns to look at him. "Eminem?"

He immediately feels guilty. Eminem isn't the kind of thing that sensitive guys should listen to. "Anya likes it. Somehow, though simple cartoon humor is lost on her, she instinctively grasps the irony."

"Figures," Buffy tells him. It does.