"I hope you get exactly what you want."


Giles woke up to Jenny's face on his pillow.

It was the first time since Buffy came back that he actually broke down and cried.

Jenny just looked at him sleepily. "I want coffee. Do you have coffee?"

"Are." It was too hard to talk between the tears, but he couldn't stop. "Jenny. What."

He figured it out just about the time that she got up, in a white tank top -- one of his -- and his sweatpants.

Giles wiped his eyes. "I'm crazy. Well. It didn't take long."

"I'm making coffee." And she turned to him, hair sticking out like crazy and breasts round and visible beneath the thin ribbed cotton. "You want some, Rupert?"

He couldn't remember the last time anyone had called him Rupert.

He started to cry again.