for cherry.


"What the fuck is this shit?" Roxy peers out the front window of the house, snapping her gum like her jaw's on fire. "Mason, tell me - what the fuck is this shit?"

Mason shrugs; why did Roxy have to come this time, Roxy who - sure, she could drive but - was a pain the fucking ass? "Police, from the looks."

She rounds on him, and gives him the evil eye. "I know that," she snaps. "Why aren't we the fuck outta here?"

Mason shrugs again. "I don't see her, do you?" When Roxy shrugs, Mason says, "So she can't be dead yet. We gotta wait."

"The fucking police are out there," Roxy states, like it's night of the living dead and Mason's supposed to do shit about it.



Mason rounds on her. "Look. Rube's waiting for us, too."

Roxy purses her lips, mutters "motherfucker," but sits down to wait.