there should so be an "empire records / every fandom" crossover challenge. or maybe I'm just writing it myself.


They hire Ephram because he's pretty - at least, Gina says it while she's opening, and no one's going to argue with newly-appointed-assistant-manager Gina, especially when she gives Ephram the inventory job that Mark used to do and no one else wants to.

Deb comes across him sitting in the classical section, crying.


He looks up; wipes his eyes. "What?"

Deb puts her hands on her hips, tilts her head. He probably thinks it's confrontational, or cold, or bitchy. It's just Deb, it's straight-forward. "What?" she repeats, a little more firmly.

He holds the cd out - Schubert. "I used to play it for my mom," he says.

"I don't like classical much," Deb says, and continues down the aisle to the new wave artist category, a rack and a half of stuff Gina likes and Deb thinks she should like but mostly doesn't. Ephram keeps crying, but puts the Schubert back in the right place, ticks it off on his clipboard. He'll be fine.