for twiller.


River stared at the stethescope. "you listen to hearts?"

"Yes." Simon held it out for her inspection; River took it, put the metal piece to her ear. "No, here," and he put the little things in her ears, put the metal piece in her hand. "Like this."

River put it against the bulkhead. "I hear serenity."


River put it against the bed. "I hear dreams," she said, smiling absently. "Your dreams."

"Ah." Simon flipped through the chart.

"You should speak to Kaylee. She wants you to hear her heart." Solemnly, River took the stethescope off and held it out to Simon. "here."

"You're a brat," he said fondly. "And a yenta."

"Polish derivation, meaning older aunt, meddling." She squinted. "I think."

"You don't know something?" Simon feigned shock. "I'm astounded."

She rolled her eyes, and hopped off the bed. "one thing," and she pointed to her chest, "compared to many things," and she pointed to his chest.

Simon smiled. "Fair enough."