this one was from an icon that had viggo mortensen with a t-shirt on that said "war is not the answer".


Harry insists on them getting a television in the flat, even if they're hardly ever there, and Ron doesn't know how to use it for the first three months anyway, and Harry really hates watching it. He insists because he says it's imperative to staying undercover, and all proper Muggles have a telly, but Ron thinks it might have something to do with the fact that his cousin had four and Harry only ever wanted to watch one and that was to find out news of the world, desperately, and--

"what are you watching now?" Harry calls out, as he comes in. Ron's taking a two-day vacation. They can't afford a week.

"Dunno," Ron says. He really doesn't. it's some thing, some music special or some awards show, where all the people look artfully casual and perfectly messy. Ron doesn't understand anyone would would pay a fortune to look poor.

Harry drops his things on their table. "Why are you watching it then?"

Ron says, "I'm taking a muggle vacation," and stands up to face Harry. Harry pushes his glasses up his nose, standing, waiting. Finally, Ron sighs. he sits down again. "Where were you?"

Harry shrugs; as if he'd answer. Ron budges over so Harry can sit down if he wants to, folds his long, lanky legs up and puts his feet on the coffee table instead of stretching out. Harry stands beside the chesterfield and beside the television; staring at his shoes instead of at Ron or the moving pictures. On tv, someone is thanking the audience for going to see their movie.

"Hungry?" Ron asks. Harry shrugs again. "So this goblin walks into a bar," Ron starts, and Harry says,

"oh, shut up," and finally he looks at the television. Ron was waiting for Harry to look at him, to see him, but this'll have to do. On tv, the man - so artfully messy - is thanking people in a teeshirt that says 'war is not the answer'. Harry blinks, actually proccessing it. A deep scowl appears on his face, and his jaw clenches.

Ron hates living in this flat, in this neighborhood, in this life. It's Tuesday night and tomorrow he has to go halfway across the continent on a secret mission, and he won't be able to soothe Harry or even speak to him beforehand. The neighbors shout at each other all the time, and the plumbing makes constant noise so each night Ron wakes up, shaking, afraid, pale. When he wakes up, Harry wakes up too, muttering and tense.

The guy on the television is still talking; maybe this is a special about his movie, not an awards show. The man is attractive, not handsome, but he has something soft in his eyes that Ron is drawn to; so few people they knew had that, anymore.

Harry sees him staring, and says, "apparently, war is not the answer."

Ron reaches a hand up, and wraps it around Harry's tight wrist. Harry leans towards the television and switches it off.