so glock challenged me to do a self-insert. and really, this is all I'd want to do if I got to write myself into the hp verse.


Remus coughed. Sirius looked at the countertop. It was a bit of an impasse, this bar-meeting, because even though they had so much to say, neither of them were *saying* it.

The bar waitress came over, with two beers. "I'm sorry, we're fine, really--" Remus started.

The short girl put the beers in front of them. "They're on me," she said, "but on one condition. you're in love," she declared, "just get your act together. Love," she pointed to Remus, "and love," and she pointed at Sirius. "The end."

The two of them looked at each other a little oddly, as she huffed away. "well then," Sirius started.

"Yes," Remus said.

"She was a bit, odd," and Sirius glanced over at her. The girl was acting normally now, though, serving Guiness to an old couple by the door. "Loony, one might say."

"You don't normally come up to blokes and inform them of their business," Remus answered. He smiled, shy. "But, she wasn't necessarily, erm, wrong."

"She was right, at that."