apparently I was smoking weed and thought that, were Sirius to go into hiding, he'd of course end up at the Mansion.


Storm opened the door, which later was a crying shame. She didn't have the right reaction at all, just said, "Hello, how can I help you?"

Bobby would have preferred, "Hi there, are you a model?" or possibly, "let's go upstairs."

Scott was happy that it was Storm. "Um, hello," and the stranger came into their little house. he *seemed* mostly harmless. In fact, he looked more than harmless. he looked like a stiff breeze would topple him over. Bobby realized he was exhausted, more exhausted than Remy after a week on the job.

The stranger put his little battered suitcase down, and put his hand out to shake Scott's. "I'm actually looking for Sirius Black."

While Bobby's mouth hung open, Scott frowned, in confusion. "I'm afraid you--"

The stranger smiled, and Bobby melted. Literally. He sank down into the little loveseat in the front hall, staring at him. Bobby realized he was in love. There was no particular reason that this man was more gorgeous than all the other gorgeous men he saw on a regular basis, except that he. He.

He said, "Big black dog. Barks a lot?" and scott's face cleared, then looked suspicious, then confused again.

The stranger knew who Sirius was. Therefore, Bobby was not crazy. The fact that the stranger looked kind of like Remy didn't hurt - not because of his actual features, it was more a haggard yet incredibly pretty look, an emotionally drained and exhausted Remy. Vulnerable Remy, that was it.

Bobby declared, "I think I'm in love."

The stranger said, "I'm Remus Lupin," and Scott said,

"Scott Summers. er."

and then Sirius the dog came bounding down the stairs. He barked at Scott, wagged his tail at bobby, and then skidded to a grinding halt when he saw who was standing in the front hallway of the Mansion. For a moment, Remus's face tightened, at the sight of the dog. The dog sniffed at his suitcase, then kind of stood there, head cocked. It would have been cute except for the unnerving way the dog's lips were pressed together, and the way Remus looked in pain.

"Hi Sirius," he finally said, and coughed. "Long time."

The dog backed up a few feet, and then magically transformed into a man that looked just as haggard as Remus did, and a lot more in pain. "Remus, by god."

Bobby, Storm and Scott all kind of stared at the little exchange, uncertain of what they should be doing. Despite his new found love, Bobby was still quite aware that this was something that really should be played out in private; no one exhibited that much upset in public, not willingly. Still, there wasn't anywhere for them to go.

Remus and Sirius stared at each other for a while, and then Sirius said, "well come here then," and they embraced each other tightly.

Bobby's heart deflated. Obviously, Remus was taken.