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The beginning goes something like, 'so we were looking at each other from across the room, and I licked my lips, and then, bam.'

The setting? Why, Brian's twelve-hundred dollar a month apartment, where he keeps bringing strangers home to steal shit from him. With him, I'm not worried about getting sick, or having his heart stomped on like I am with Ted and Emmet.

Oh, no. I just wanna make sure that he's got up-to-date theft insurance.

The setting is also his four-hundred dollar bed, his jeep, his-- wherever Brian is standing, sitting, lying, or laying, is a good setting for sex.

But you knew that.

Everyone in this club knows that.

The actors? Oh, well, you know Brian. Pick the most attractive person, ready to be dominated, the one that all the other guys stare at and drool over, but never, ever approach. Pick that one. Then add Brian, and the three of us watching, while he gets his cock sucked, and get bored.

Actually, I lie. Tonight, the setting is Babylon, not his apartment.


Why would Brian Kinney need props?

Script? I have no idea. Whatever drips off his tongue like honey, I've never heard. Maybe it's 'we'll have to do something about that--' that's the closest approximation of Brian's lines I've ever come across. Ted had, 'my taxes done?' The Brian Kinneys of the world don't need the scripts the rest of us cling to.

So we've got the beginning. Ted, Emmet and I are watching the middle. We all know actor names, and length, and personal history. We know that Brian has a thing for cock piercings, though he'll never admit it.

We've got all our pieces, ladies and gentlemen! We see this play every friday night, at the very least. We're half-cast, half audience, but there's no doubt that Brian's the lead. We have everything for a hit. And yet, we still don't know the motivations.

The question is, how can the production go on when the motivation of all the characters are in doubt? How can such an important performance-- because, it's all sex, and we all know it-- go off without a hitch, when no one knows why they do it?


It's Brian's show.