my lj comment to kos started with: "I knew I had some kind of crazy lj comment in my inbox I would, at SOME POINT, have to open and do what-for." no profit, not mine.


Lucas looked at the clock; nearly eleven, and his bus left at seven AM the next day. "Joe--" and then, "can I close early, it's just--" and then Simon came out of Joe's office.

"What are you still doing here?" Simon asked him, keys at the ready. "I thought Joe said you had to leave."

"What are you doing here?" Lucas said, and looked the kid up and down. He really was pretty hot, when you got down to it, and certainly he was young and naive enough to probably not be some club-hopping jackass yet. Potential.

"I'm closing tonight," Simon said.

Lucas revised his assessment: maybe not a club-hopper, but still, somewhere deep down, a jackass.