set during the v. mars episode of the alterna-prom.


You wonder if maybe it says something about you that even though you're not here with a date, that your friends are either dancing with a dweeb or downstairs having sex in a room that probably cost Wallace's wages last month - even after all of that, you're still not hating the party.

Mac stalks past, with a glass of rum and coke in her hand. Good. you're still never drinking anything at an 09'er party ever again - possibly never drinking at a party again - but at least she looks, well, if not less angry, then at least more relaxed about it. it's something. You hate that you're not miserable, that something in you has resigned yourself to, to this.

Logan still takes you by surprise. You didn't think that was possible anymore.


She doesn't let you finish the sentence, "it was all true, I know it was." Story of your life. this is the thing - you watch Veronica get on that elevator because you have this ability to hurt women, well and truely, continually, like magic. at least, crying on an elevator, fighting back tears, she's breathing. And it was touch and go for a while.