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She dreams about Logan waking up.

"So," he says, twirling in the chair behind her father's desk. "Miss me yet?"

When Lilly haunted her dreams, Veronica knew it was futile to consider her ever coming back. Somehow, seeing Logan at night is worse. He looks the same, just a little paler, same grin, same face, no bruises. His grin should be hollow, she thinks to herself, but it's not, it's the same. He's the same. She's the piece that's different. "What are you doing here?" she asks, because even her subconscious knows that a mental manifestation of him should be pissed off.

He shrugs, puts his feet up on the desk. Even Logan in her nightmares wears three hundred dollar Pumas. "Just hanging out," he says. "Heard you proved that girl's boyfriend abused her, rode in on your white horse," he says.

Even dreaming, she knows the longer this conversation stretches out, the lousier she'll feel when she really wakes up. "What do you want?" she asks him, because getting to the heart of the matter may not help her conscience, but it may help her not fall asleep in Calculus tomorrow.

Logan stands up, and comes around to sit on the desk. "Come on, don't act like you don't want to hear it," he tells her, as if they're continuing a conversation he remembers and she doesn't. "the white knight? Meg called you that," he tells her, and it would set warning bells off in Veronica's head if she didn't already know she was dreaming, if she didn't already know that this Logan is just the Logan her own mind has conjured up.

"She was wrong," Veronica says, because that's the way this is supposed to play out.

Logan shrugs, picks up a walkie-talkie on her father's desk, puts it down. He says nothing. Outside, it's night time, and there are no lights on in the office except the low desk lamp. The office looks slightly yellow because of it. When Lilly haunted her things always looked slightly off-colour too, but now she can't remember if they looked quite like this, or slightly different; she can't remember because those dreams are disappearing. Lilly was also more likely to get to the point than Logan is.

"Why are you here?" Veronica asks again.

Logan's grin fades, and Veronica watches him bite his lip. The words that come out of his mouth, however, are anything but concerned, and his voice isn't gentle. "you know," he says, "sometimes people who aren't already dead can be trusted, too."

Veronica dreams about Logan waking up, but wishes she didn't. He looks nothing like he does, laying in a hospital bed, and when she wakes up, she forgets for a moment that he probably never will.