this was written before the season finale of season one, aka, when we found out who killed lilly kane.


So, this is the story.

Girl meets boy. Girl's best friend starts dating boy. Girl's best friend is murdered, the real killer never found, and girl's father goes from sheriff to most hated man in town. Girl stands by father, becomes social leper. Boy torments girl mercilessly for a year. Girl and Boy hate each other. Boy's mother kills herself. Girl kisses boy; girl maybe likes boy after all. Boy stands up bravely for girl against a plethora of 09ers, and then takes girl into his guesthouse where boy intends to secretly film them in bed together.

yeah, something's missing, isn't it?


"Veronica--" Logan forced his way through the crowds of students to try and get to Veronica. "Veronica, *wait*."

"Trouble in paradise already, Logan?" Madison asked as he stormed past her. And there Veronica was, her knee high boots and leather jacket making her look just like a biker. God. If he'd managed-- Logan was going to kill Weevil. Prison couldn't be that bad.

"Shut up, Madison."

He nearly caught up to her when she stopped at her locker, arm out towards her, but Weevil grabbed him by the back of the neck. "you might want to rethink that, or you'll lose that hand."

He ignored the biker scum; obviously he was heeling to Veronica, and would back off when she said something. "Veronica."

"Get lost."

Logan was already lost, and sinking. "Veronica, I thought--" he turned to Weevil. "Can we have a little privacy, here?"

"I said," Weevil repeated, "get lost."

Veronica finally turned around. "No, that's fine. We'll talk."

Weevil stared at her as she opened the gir's bathroom door, then shook his head. "I'm standing outside."

And wasn't that a kick in the teeth, Weevil repeating the same line, and knowing for sure he could come to the rescue, *knowing* he could take the other guy out.

Veronica said, "well, step into my office."

He started, "I was worried sick when you disappeared. I thought, I dunno." The three second nightmare of someone grabbing her was fierce, had punched him in the stomach, before his common sense came in.

She said, "I got a ride home with Weevil."

"Weevil?" She was staring at her feet, as if the size six combat boots - not biker boots, but combat boots; great, she was ready for fighting, that couldn't be good - were really interesting. "What's going on? *Tell* me."

"did you know," she said calmly, "you have a camera in the ceiling fan of your guest bedroom?" Veronica grimaced.
"Of course you do."


"It's, you know, it's fine, actually." Veronica shrugged. Logan reached out, an impulse, and Weevil grabbed his arm.

"Where'd you come from?"

"I'm not leaving you alone with her, are you kidding?" Weevil stared at him. "one day you're going to get run over by a motorcycle."

"Why not do it now?" Logan snarled, and yanked his arm away.

"I'm working on where to put the body," Weevil said smoothly. "It's--"

"Guys," veronica said.

Logan clammed up, waited, but when she didn't say anything else, he asked, "so you trust him now more than me? I swear, I didn't do anything."

She was still staring at her feet. "No. Weevil hasn't mislead me about his feelings, though. He lies, but he doesn't--"

"I don't." Logan rubbed his forehead. God, no. please. "I didn't know, I swear. I wasn't going to. God."

Veronica shrugged again, and put an arm around herself. "It doesn't matter, really." Even as he listened to her, it stung; she didn't even care enough to be crushed at this imagined betrayal? She finally looked at him. "See, I'm angry - so angry. Full of rage. And I'm confused and shocked, and I feel betrayed. and devastated - but that's just the part of me that can think about you."

"What - what's the rest of you thinking about?" He stared at her, took a breath. Sure, they had had precious few weeks actually together, but it's not like they hadn't known each other for years. "Lilly. you're--"

"Yep." A smile, not even pretending very hard to be a real one. "It's, good, almost. I'm just numb." She walked past him, went for the door. "You did say once I'm all business."

Weevil held the door open for her, and Logan felt himself burn white-hot. "Come on, Veronica. Veronica." she didn't turn around. finally he muttered, "at least be careful. please."