after season two?


Logan notices she almost always wears slippers.

"Why do you do that?" he asks, eyeing the pink things. They were fuzzy, but he tried to cut her some slack for being a total girl - it was November, and they did also look warm.

Veronica looks up from her history paper, currently strewn along the apartment floor. "Do what?" she said.

"You always wear slippers, or socks."

She looks at the slippers. Some shadow crosses her face, and then it's gone - she says, "I stepped on glass once."

When it's obvious she's not going to say any more, Logan shrugs, and tells her, "It's always the splinters that hurt the most."

"Typically," Veronica says. Logan has no idea which scar glass on the floor is from. It could be a childhood hurt, something from lifetimes ago, something he can't even fathom. He leans over, and kisses the top of her head, and lets her alone. He knows what nightmares she has, so the glass thing can wait.