written between season one and two.


Veronica gets her hair cut again before she goes into the courtroom to testify. The prosecutor advises against it, in fact all but orders her to keep it long; long makes her look younger, more vulnerable. veronica promises to wear pink, and considers it a trade-off.

"Are you ready, honey?" her father asks, and puts both his hands on her shoulders, looking for all the world like he wants her to say 'no'.

"You know me," she says, and gives her father a cheery grin. "I was born ready."

His face falls, momentarily, and Veronica feels a fleeting sense of guilt for not needing him.

Testifying is easy, as the prosecutor asks her to tell the court what Aaron made her do, how Aaron tried to kill her. She stares at him once or twice, and he looks back, then looks away. He's not intimidated in the least, but Veronica will take what she can get.

The defence attorney - five hundred dollars an hour - does exactly what they all expect him to. When it comes to actually proving that Aaron did it, the defence asks the obvious question - what evidence is there?

"He said that he did," Veronica says, in a clear and easy voice. "And then he locked me in a freezer to try and cover up what he'd done."

"And how," the defence asks her, "can you remember word for word what was said, in a stressful, traumatic situation?"

veronica stares at Aaron. She knows all about false memories and the truth being twisted by incredible stress. She also knows, word for word, what Aaron said to her that night, and can remember clearly holding a gun pointed to his head. "Some things you just remember," she says, and puts a hand up to brush hair from her face that isn't there anymore.