wap! is a made up fandom. don't even ask.


"Do you think I look like Matt Damon?" Izzy asked.

Rick didn't turn around. "No."

"Not even a little bit?"

"Sure," Rick says agreeably. He doesn't give a fuck whether Izzy looks like Matt Damon or not, he just wants to get a nap before the next show in Detroit. Detroit. Never again.

"You look a bit like Ben Affleck," he says, and Rick says,


Izzy rolls over on the bed and kisses Rick's bare shoulder. "Think Matt Damon and Ben Affleck ever did it?" he asks Rick.

Rick says, "Sure," and then, "let me get the fuck to sleep, please?"

Izzy mumbles, "I bet they did it. I bet there was a horrible break up, and then make up sex, and after-rehab sex, and before rehab sex, and drunken bender sex--" but Rick doesn't hear the rest of the kinds of sex because he's mercifully asleep, ear pressed to the pillow. Izzy keeps talking, quietly over his head.