shadowlands are alicia mackenzie's creation; marvelverse is, well, marvel's. patrick is an original Oasis character.


Patrick woke up in a cold sweat.

His chest heaved, and he gulped in big, panicked breaths. His skin was cold, clammy. Throwing off the blanket, he put his head in his hands, and tried to control his breathing. In and out. In and out. After a minute or so, he was only trembling a little.

Domino struggled, kicking her feet enough to lean over, sitting up on her elbows. "What's up?"

Patrick didn't look at her. "Nothing. Go back to sleep."

Domino blinked bleary eyes at him. "Christ, Pat." She struggled to sit up, rubbing her eyes. "I heard you moaning in your sleep."

He laughed, shakily. "Guess I woke up too soon, then."

She crawled over to where he was sitting, and stared at the fire with him. The orange glow lit up precious little of his face, but it was obvious that he was frightened, shaken up. She asked quietly, "What was it?"

"Nightmare." His speech was clipped, cut short, and he took another breath before adding, "It doesn't matter."

She put a hand on his arm, and squeezed. "Everyone gets'em. I dreamed that I was eaten by a huge wolf, once. Cried for half an hour."

Patrick glanced up at her, and smiled a watery smile. Domino saw that his eyes were shiny. "Guess it was just my turn, huh."

"What happened?" She kept her voice calm, casual, but soothing; less a question than an encouragement.

Patrick gripped the edge of his sleeping bag, and shook his head a little. He answered, "I don't even remember. There was a lot of shouting. I think Nate was hurt."

She nodded, putting her head on his shoulder. "I have that one a lot."

He laughed, harshly. "Don't we all."

She squeezed his arm once more, and then asked, sounding a little more light, "You think you can get back to sleep? We have a long walk tomorrow."

He grinned down at her, nodded, getting back into his sleeping bag. He laid down, head pillowed on one arm. "Thanks, Dom."

She grinned back, and then laid beside him on her side, unzipping his sleeping bag enough so she could crawl in. "Move over."

Patrick raised an eyebrow. "Nate'll have my head, but hell, I bet it'll be worth it..."

She smacked his arm, and put her head on his chest, arm around his waist, and curled into his side. "All right?"

He curled his free arm around her side, pulling her closer, and making them both more comfortable. "Yeah. I warn you, I kick in my sleep."

She chuckled. "Don't worry, I have good reflexes. I kick back."

He laughed, for real this time, and then kissed the top of her head fondly. Patrick said again softly, "Thanks, Dom."

Domino closed her eyes, feeling sleep wash over her. She mumbled, "you're welcome."