into the fire

OZ (the HBO prison drama)/Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover series. roughly season five btvs.

Culture Shock - [20k] Adebisi goes limp, eyes bulging out like a frog. Just like the worst detox, and what a strange comparison to make while he's dying. What follows is worse.
McManus gets used to the whole idea. it's kind of a vague explanation as to how the inmates got to Sunnydale. If you squint.

Simon Says - [12k] Simon Says. Lift a leg. Raise an arm. Touch your nose. Touch your toes.
Vern Shillinger and Simon Adebisi; rated psychotic. also, there's the N-word. I mean, it's Vern, so.

Toothpicks - [4k] This, being a vampire. I could get used to this.
Adebisi has a new hobby. also probably disturbingly psychotic.

Miguel's fairy tale theatre - [16k] So, this Prince Charming gets caught, see? Doing something quite un-princely, and he gets sent away to a place where he can't do anything bad anymore.
this one - I don't even know.

Sex Onna Stake - [12k] I laugh, and lick my lips. He's still stretching. "Yours? Doesn't look like you've got a yours, C. Where's yours?" I shouldn't do that. But fuck it.
Keller vs. Faith, round one; the fic that started it all.

Self-Stroking, Used, and Abused - [8k] She's incredible, in her own right. I just want to hit her.
Keller vs. Faith, round two.

Still the Sword - [12k] It was a sacred Friday that we passed, and so it is a Friday now. The sun is setting, burnt orange peel in the west. I can smell the ocean, feel the fire as it dies and hides behind those waves.
Said finds himself a worthy war.

Still the Magic - [12k] It is our job to make sure that no secretary finds the rest of her organs wrapped up in a bundle of copy paper.
Said on patrol. there's some pretty grusome imagery I'd completely forgotten about. you were warned.

Ashtrays - [8k] I ain't got no fucking gift. No gift or shirt or bags of blood. No fucking way I'm goin' down there to get my ass handed to me in a little plastic baggie and an empty ashtray.

The Wonderful Thing About Tobys - [8k] Toby, in his infinite wisdom, decided that the Nazi tattoo needed a friend.
Toby gets a little fucked up. this is, however, more than a little fucked up. like, a lot fucked up. like, a lot.

The Poet and the Lawboy - [8k] A versatile word, Poet thinks. He wants a new pen. He thinks about killing Beecher, and taking his. But, then Keller would have his balls, without a doubt. With all things in doubt, it is strange to say, 'without a doubt'. But. Keller's like that.
Poet and Toby have a drink.

what you're in for - [12k] I want to kiss it better, but I'm wracked with fear, so strong and so ram-rod straight through my spine that I can't move, can barely breathe. Is today the day one of us leaves. Each day, each day we don't die, is the day the town might swallow us, or him, or me, in a better life.
Chris and Toby, one summer night.

On Patrol - [8k] I say to Giles, "Someone's been studying their 'how to be a good stalker' manual."
Buffy and Giles encounter Toby and Chris, out for a midnight grave digging.

Motherfuckers on TV - [20k] That's where this all started. With fucking Red Dwarf. I mean, yeah. Funny British guys. Hah-hah. All Brits are funny. Sure. Whatever. It's just a bunch more motherfuckers, only this time, we're talking motherfuckers on TV.
Spike's plan, part one.

Messed Up Motherfuckers - [16k] It goes without saying between both of us that Adebisi is a threat. I don't like him, I must admit. There are messed up motherfuckers, and then there's him in a class all by himself.
Spike's plan, part two.

Motherfuckers On The Fence - [20k] O'Reily's a motherfucker straddling one hell of a fence in his allegiances. I wanna shake that up a bit, and giving Mr. I Love Animals to her might do that. One of them will end up dead, and my money and my vote is split either way. It'll be something, at least.
Spike's plan, part three.

Dead Motherfuckers - [20k] He's still one dead motherfucker, when I get the chance, but for now, we've settled the terms of engagement.
Spike's plan, part four.

Weekly Comets - [16k] We've all killed things. Some of them just - deserved it.
O'Reily, Xander and Hill.

Motherfuckers in Heaven - [16k] Motherfucking god in HEAVEN, can't I get a break?
Spike's plan, part five.

Hill on Wheels - [12k] "And the swords and daggers under your pillow aren't a new thing." We don't discuss how I know -- how last week, I stumbled on that particular secret. Instead, a look crosses his face. It's one that says, 'You don't know the first thing about it, mate.' He's cold. "Actually. They're not."
Giles and Hill have a chat.

Motherfuckers in Hell - [16k] "There are a lot of motherfuckers in hell right now, I'm sure one or two of them are fun and dandy. Angelus spent some time there, I'm sure you'll learn to enjoy it. Live now, think later, and all that rot..."
Spike's plan, part six.

Pedicabo Ego Vos Et Irrumabo - [12k] There are a lot of conditional people, here.
Anya holds a weekly poker game.

waiting gives the devil time - [12k] There is a need, a driving need, to get rid of bodily fluids in acts of cleansing, need that pushed both of them to do things. Chris bled, out little self-inflicted wounds, and Toby, he threw up.
Chris and Toby and Spike.

waiting on the devil - [8k] It's easier, oh so much easier, to fall in love when the object of your affections is dying.
Toby learns some shit.

Crazy Motherfuckers - [12k] Hate. That's what drives a demon. You can dress it up in poofy words, you can describe it any way you want, but that's what it is. Hate, pure and fucking simple. Curse words are hate given voice, blood is hate given form and substance. Say what you want about it, life, living, love, death, whatever - it's all bollocks.
Spike's plan goes to hell.

all those things we call each other - [8k] I barely recognise his face, that fear, but I remember what it was like to be Catholic. That guilt, running behind you every day of your life... I don't think this man has ever been a saint, but the medal of St. Christopher is hanging around his neck still.
Keller and Spike share a Moment. Totally, utterly, just for the visuals. er.

goodbye, yellow brick road - [8k] See. You want to see Sunnydale as more Hell than Mouth. Because hell, it's simple. Hell is just that; you try and run and get away and scrape with your fingernails so hard you break them off, just to claw over the walls and get free. But the Mouth part... this town makes love to you. It sucks you off so hard that you're still reeling from the orgasm, years later, so much that you can't get up to run.
Tim learns some important lessons for all of us.