[flesh mechanic: not an AU.]


disclaimer: justin timberlake is no one we know and this is almost pure fiction.

this story contains death, violence and cheap shots. it blends fact, fiction and fiction that is made to appear like fact to create a work that is for entertainment only. no ill intent is meant toward justin timberlake or anyone affilliated with him and this work of speculative fiction is not meant to suggest that this is a likely or possible future. really.

alternate universes: love you like tupperware. and don't believe everything that you breathe. and nobody's fault but my own. and graffiti where you've never been kissed. kinda. if you squint. we only know one justin anymore.

thank you: to LJ in spades for pictures, caps, scans and various other bits and pieces to our evil end (katie, nia, kirsch and allen to name but a slight few). rae for the re-write of "cry me a river." katie and hetre z especially for the very brave beta. AOL instant messenger. sprint PCS and fido anytime minutes. the usa/canada border patrol. henry lee lucas and ottis toole. justin timberlake.


placebo, "flesh mechanic" // justin timberlake, "like I love you" // beck, "hollywood freaks" // N.E.R.D, "lap dance" // clipse, "when the last time" // beck, "odelay " // beatles, "helter skelter" // jarvis church, "run for your life"// justin timberlake, "cry me a river" // the flaming lips, "happy birthday"


silence of the lambs // henry: portrait of a serial killer // the cell // red dragon


allen ginsberg, "howl" // elliot leyton, hunting humans // mark z. danielewski, the house of leaves // margaret atwood, the blind assassin //

no boy banders were harmed in the creation of this story. we love you justin.

-- kel. and lise.

ps: this insanity started like this.