harry potter fic

marauders, Remus/Sirius, weasleys. some of the details refers to stuff kel has written. also lower case k, glock, v, and maybe others. most of this was written around OotP. incidental canon from the last two books was kind of worked in, but some of it just doesn't work. so.

consequences, too immeasurable to count

the marauders the first time around.

last laugh

That afternoon was Care of Magical Creatures, and of course, it had to overlap with Slytherin the day that Snape was out to kill them.
[47k] There's a prank war, and some juvenile jokes, and wackiness. written for Silvia's First Kiss Challenge.

flying without a broomstick

Remus stared hopelessly after James and Peter, thinking longingly of the time when the most difficulty you'd have being friends with James and Sirius would be waking up a canary.
[30k] Sirius and James fight, Remus and Sirius get together, and Peter tries not to laugh. more with the wacky.

summer holiday

Remus realized Sirius must be sorting it into some other mental categories, most likely "interesting" and "mind-numbingly boring".
[25k] Sirius visits Remus over the summer break, and James is a nosy prat.

change your mind

Remus pressed a hand to his mouth tightly, then fell over as the dog bounced on his chest and knocked him over onto James's bed.
[56k] the gang finally gets through the animagus transformation. remus's pov.

of love potions and mistletoe

It was these times - fewer and farther between, but still frequent enough to cause headaches and sometimes magically-induced boils - that he wished in the back of his mind he'd been a little more discriminating with his friends.
[28k] this was for the shacking up secret santa. everyone loves christmas episodes! especially when there's exploding baubles.

disappointment is a feather in your cap

He said it out of anger the first time but never ever once wanted to take it back. "I hope I live just long enough to bury you."
[14k] co-written with kel. Sirius leaves home.


A lot of people murmured things like "I'm so sorry," awkwardly patting his shoulder. They had to do it quickly, all at once, in case tomorrow their sympathy was needed elsewhere. They knew not from James's face. It was just the way of bad news to travel.
[41k] So you have to ask the question, why would Sirius at sixteen send Snape down a rabbit hole with a full-grown werewolf at the other end?

I solemnly swear--

Sirius simply wouldn't understand the idea behind trying to plan for the future.  The only future Sirius planned for was boredom and the lack thereof.  Fringe benefit of being pureblood, Remus sometimes thought, but only deep in his mind where it wouldn't show.
[62k] The creation of the marauder's map, plus a lot of fortune cookies. er.

power play

The lower years stayed in their Common Rooms from choice, and the only people out and about happily were students wearing green.
[13k] Lily and James have a problem in the Prefects' Council.

let sleeping dogs lie

He was about to step out into the snow drifts, accepting his fate to have soaking wet socks until tea time, when, from down by Zonko's, there came a loud bang. He and Peter glanced at each other, and then tore off down the street. Neither of them fell.
[131k] James decides he has to do something drastic, because this is a war.

the quiet revolution

Remus was still talking, on and on in a steady stream, but Sirius focused on that word, 'lose'. Lose. They could lose. He could lose.
[169k] Lily, James, Sirius, Remus and Peter. graduation. so, I follow the Lexicon timeline for the marauders, which means these people died before they properly grew up.


It's been three months since they moved in, and everything has gotten worse.
[5k] Remus and Sirius, after graduation. Everyone suspected someone.


James blinked. He said, "Pregnant?" and Lily started crying.
[6k] Lily gets pregnant. James and Lily get married. Peter hides his arm. (written before OotP. look! I predicted the future! it's the only time I've been able to guess anything about future plot points in any fandom before.)

like snow

James pulled her along, gloves dangling carelessly in his pocket. Lily said, "In the winter it always feels like you don't have any time."
[17k] James and Lily, throughout the years. for the Robert Graves challenge.

three seconds

Fast forward. The street is full of screams.
[6k] Remus, Peter and Sirius. October 31, 1981. no matter what anyone tries to write, all potential roads lead right down that sewer with Peter. *except*--


the impossible world

He’d never considered testing Remus again, because it was one thing to be a stupid boy, but completely different to be a foolish man.  Love was supposed to break that cycle of ridiculous, wasteful behaviour in a person, or so he’d heard.
[76k] I always said it'd be impossible for me to write a marauders fic out of school, because as kelly said: all your happy endings right right down that sewer with Peter. except, except, except. the only hp story I wrote after deathly hallows; basically rewrites history. literally.

thinking about the end of the world

remus and sirius, in those few years in between the beginning of Sirius's world and the end of it.

waiting for the world to begin

Dumbledore mentions him only once, saying he "played astoundingly" in his first Quidditch match, that he would have "done James proud". You think about turning the note over and writing "of course he did" to send back, but you don't.
[12k] Alternate title: Remus Lupin and the Philosopher's Stone.


It used to be funny that everyone joked about how Sirius's Animagus form was a premonition of death.
[3k] Remus on the Hogwarts' train during Prisoner of Azkaban.

a man too brave to follow history

He was freezing and soaked and not loyal - but he was angry, bone-shakingly angry, and so he kept swimming.
[20k] Sirius Black and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

the second coming

Sirius doesn't have a wand. This is somehow important, in Sirius's mind; his dependence on Remus for something. His dependence on Remus for everything.
[29k] co-written with kel. this was supposed to be our hopeful ending, except OotP fucked that right up. I guess it's our hopeful middle.

magic stationwagon

Remus recognised that look as the one that Sirius had tended to use on teachers at school, right before he was thrown into detention.  Aaahh.  Well, this wasn't at all fair.  The twins were hopelessly outnumbered.
[20k] the twins and Ginny learn something about pranks from Remus and Sirius.

the most important meal of the day

Remus casually reached over and wiped marmalade off Sirius' mouth, rolling his eyes. "It's awful, really," he said. "But sometimes you get used to things and keep eating them anyway."
[10k] Sirius and Remus and Harry at breakfast, during the early part of OotP.

how to disappear

Something odd happens in between watching Sirius die and the first of September. you stop doing everything, and then amending in your head 'but what does it matter, because Sirius is dead.'
[3k] I wasn't going to write anything after OotP, and then I couldn't, and then, I finally did. Remus.

leaving the rest unsaid

She couldn't say anything; there was nothing she could say, this grief wasn't her own. It wasn't even Remus's grief, it was simply there, in the air, waiting for its time.
[27k] Remus/Ginny. er, no, not really, jeez. Remus sees a ghost. post-OotP, for the Robert Graves Title Challenge.

nobody said it was easy

Remus turned around, and went to the blackboard. Under "what is the most important thing you've learned?" he answered, "absolutely nothing is easy."
[143k] Remus comes back to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts to Harry's class in their sixth year. complete with commentary. goes with kel's story "no one ever said it would be this hard".

she took me off my guard with disappointment

these are stories of a girl growing up; Ginny-centric.

science of herself

Ginny just tried to stay awake. George patted her head, and let her lay in his lap for a little while. She spoke up occasionally, but mostly just listened.
[8k] Ginny at the World Cup. this was attempt #2 for the You Shoot, We Score Quidditch challenge.


"Terrible influence, you two are," Hermione said while Ginny smacked George on the cheek with her spoon. Ginny couldn't disagree, but also didn't mind.
[11k] Ginny plays Quidditch - during OotP. attempt #1 for the Quidditch challenge.

leaving the rest unsaid

After she was possessed by a wizard of unspeakable evil, Ginny found she could lie.
[27k] Remus/Ginny. again, no, not really. Remus sees a ghost. post-ootp, for the Robert Graves Title Challenge. also: jossed by HBP!

until it was the end of the evening, and freezing outside

the antigone series - written after order of the phoenix, before half-blood prince. canon diverges after ootp. set in the future; this is the war.

antigone, falling

Harry swallowed. Tonks. There was no service for her, because technically she wasn't gone, just absent, like a missing tooth; your smile was never the same.
[26k] this one: Ginny buries her brothers. now complete with commentary.

ion on the hill

Now that it stood empty, the house was safe from evil threats - they just had to protect it from the normal incursions of weather, childish vandals. Nests of birds and bundimun. There was always something.
[20k] prequel to "antigone, falling": Neville buries his grandmother. now complete with commentary.

taking oedipus by the hand

Her mother was waiting for her, and tried to draw her into a hug. Ginny resisted, and stalked up to Moody, face pink from the cold. "Will you mentor me? I've passed."
[21k] sequel to "antigone, falling". Ginny follows in Moody's wake. now complete with commentary.

astyanax is bleeding

In many ways, it was like laying brickworks, all the relationships and marriages to come from the deaths that surrounded them. One brick removed, the others had to take more of the lode, and partnered up to bear it.
[17k] sequel to "taking oedipus by the hand". Hermione buries a child.

ajax's battles

Their suspicions were stacked one on top of the other, like marbles in a corner - no way to narrow the field, and hundreds of ways to pull out the wrong marble, have the whole stack roll away.
[23k] prequel to "antigone falling"; meant to be read after. Remus buries his enemy.

orestes, what have you done?

Not for the first time, Harry wondered how they planned for every bad eventuality - like filling in the dam with sand bags, and when you ran out of those, deciding how many fingers you need to fill the gulf, and how to cut them off.
[28k] sequel to "astyanax is bleeding". Remus gets caught.

medea, why are you crying?

Molly's hand came crashing up in much the same way the teacup had gone crashing down; an accident, falling into the world.
[10k] sequel to "orestes, what have you done?". Molly buries her child.

prometheus is bound for history.

Ginny leaned back, stretched her arms over her head. A strip of pale stomach was visible where her shirt rode up. "I take great comfort in the inevitable anonymousness of death."
[14k] sequel to "medea, why are you crying?". Harry buries a friend. now complete with commentary.

dionysus, journey down!

It was as if there was no weight on her stomach, on her chest, at all, no weight of the past, nothing, nothing, nothing. Remus felt like a feather, his skin cool, her hair tied back and messy.
[6k] Remus/Ginny. really this time. basically, either "prometheus is bound for history" or "dionysus, journey down" could be the end. it's a choose your own ending! now complete with commentary.

come back and haunt me

Ginny let the chair tip down, her feet falling off the edge of the desk where they were perched.  The front two chair legs made a clunk on the stone floor not unlike a wooden leg.
[56k] Remus/Ginny. sequel to "dionysus, journey down". this story cracks me up like practically nothing else. I think I have a twisted sense of humour.

everyone has that one drawer, you know?

yeah, this stuff doesn't fit anywhere else.

candy coated

previously hosted at twinners.org, currently offline. a series of scenes. [twincest, rated R]

heros [warning]

"I think she's a pureblood witch," he whispered, but too loud; she stirred, breathed in, and stilled again. "She could be related to us. We slept with someone we're related to," Fred said again
[8k] fred/george again. kind of closer to a real fic. maybe. [warning: twincest, rated R]

the moste lamentable tragedie of prince wyrd and the milkemaide [working title]

by lise and glockgal
Draco grinned and looked over at Crabbe on the sidelines, giving him a thumbs up. Crabbe stared unsurely at his own thumbs. Draco sighed.
[112k] Harry and his year are asked to put on the Christmas Entertainment, a la Enid Blyton boarding school tales. well we think it's funny.

puppet master

Dumbledore nodded, amiably enough, and followed him out. The rest was up to Harry.
[10k] Dumbledore's always been in charge. spoilers through the entire series.

dusty rooms

Dusty, empty, dark rooms. This was what happened when you won the war, apparantly, and even if Harry had offered, had all but pleaded, with him to stay in the house once he refurnished it with anything but the Blacks, Remus had declined.
[12k] Remus. this doesn't fit with my canon, or deathly hallows canon, so uh.