Ace Hart (+site)
The Plan
Saul just isn't sure how this is going to work out at all. Ficlet.

Atrata (+site)
Linus is too fast for Rusty. Ficlet. [14A]

Cherry Ice (+site)
Six to Eight Months
Tess, Rusty, six to eight months, and the life that went before. [14A]

Watcher, watching, watched.

Gale (+site)
Trading in Your Own Name
And the most important thing to remember is, don't ever -- [R]
kHo (+site)
The wine scene. Ficlet. [14A]

Lise (+site)
Rusty and Danny were a bit of a legend.
The Perect Con
They call it the Christmas con in the business... [14A]
Rusty had to go and pick Tess up sometime.

MoonFruit (+site)
"Rusty knew that Danny was meant to be out some time soon, but he'd been trying so hard not to think about it." Ficlet. [14A]

moonythestrals (+site)
Practice Makes Perfect
Pool. And gum. [14A]

Linus was 13, the principal called his parents in for a conference and informed them that their son had started stealing from his fellow students. Ficlet.
Untitled 2
Rusty didn't trust the kid. He didn't care what Danny said, who his father was, or the fact that every time he went within ten feet of the kid, he always wound up missing at least twenty bucks. Ficlet. [R]

V (+site)
You really should just say what you mean.
Of Unknown Origin
Danny's raising the stakes. Ficlet.

Victoria P. (+site)
A Little Less Conversation, A Little More Action
"Rusty knows that whatever else happens, he and Danny are at their best together." [NC-17]
Tess changed all the locks. Ficlet.
Two Great Tastes That Taste Great Together
Only one person had ever left Rusty Ryan, and he'd regretted it soon after.

The Wildcard
The things we do and the things we shouldn't. Drabble.