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Ephram smiles. "An apple?"

"Just for you," Laynie says with a wink.

He takes it, and bites down, and the juice dribbles onto his lips. It's tart and sweet at the same time, a Granny Smith, and deliciously cold. she must have had it in the fridge to be this cold. the meat itself is firm, spongy, crunchy.

"isn't this a garden of eden thing?" Ephram says between bites.

Laynie has her arm around his waist and her head on his shoulder, and this is common for their lunchtimes at school. "nah," she tells him, and steals it back for a bite. "That apple was red."

he takes it from her, and tries not to be obvious about licking where she tore off a piece with her teeth. juicy and sweet. "it was?"

Laynie hops up off the picnic table. "of course it was," she says. "Red is sexy."

"Green isn't?" he asks.

"Green is sexy," she says, and looks down at his green coat. "But green is subtle."

"Right," he agrees.

"We're going to be late to french," she tells him, and tugs him up.