media fic

this is a pretty small slice of the fandoms I've written over the years.


start new when your heart is an empty room

You want to wrap the blanket around him, put a pillow over his nose and mouth, suffocate him until he can't breathe. You want to keep him safe.
12k. Gen. Jack, post "The Pain In The Heart".

until the embers smoke

There's something behind his twenty-three year old face that seems, suddenly, a hundred. "Why is it," he asks, "do you suppose, that you call your best friend by her last name?"
12k. Gen. Angela, post "The Pain In The Heart".

buffy the vampire slayer / angel the series


He opened an eye, and instead of the usual sight which tended to greet him each cheerful Los Angeles morning -- the dubious view of the brick wall outside his window -- Doyle saw a curved, smooth back, lightly tanned skin disappearing in a wash of white sheet that was pooled ever-so-delicately around a smooth, slender waist.
[16k] 3some. Angel/Doyle/Cordelia - Angel season one. the morning after! this is so my one true threesome.

help wanted

Cordelia has a lot of dead people in her life.
[8k] Gen. Angel season one - after 'Heroes'. Cordelia, after Doyle.

recovering a satellite

"Spike,"and her voice would be teasing, if it could get past the lump, "if you tell people your wishes they don't come true."
[4000+ words] Gen [mostly]. twenty four short scenes after season five, written before season six. guest appearances by Ragged Robin and King Mob. track listing by counting crows.

wish you were here

once upon a time, there was an idea called the Shadowlands. River and I wrote all of these in the shadowlands with btvs characters. all the titles come from Radiohead, as well as the soundtrack.

buffy/OZ crossover series

I won't lie, most of these are crap, and almost all have gruesome imagery

See. You want to see Sunnydale as more Hell than Mouth. Because hell, it's simple. Hell is just that; you try and run and get away and scrape with your fingernails so hard you break them off, just to claw over the walls and get free. But the Mouth part... this town makes love to you. It sucks you off so hard that you're still reeling from the orgasm, years later, so much that you can't get up to run.

blood ties

to be young (is to be sad)

Henry slaps the bar, and with a sharp smile says, "welcome to Toronto."
[8k.] Gen. Henry and Methos. I kind of wish I hadn't used this title on such a trite story; oh well. set after blood ties, season two.

criminal minds

instruments of faith

Instead of tilting her head in the typical pose of someone assessing the situation - the way a profiler exhibits concern for someone as a specimen of the human race - Prentiss puts a hand on JJ's arm and squeezes.
[20k] Gen. written for the 2007 yuletide xchange for Grey Bard.

csi - las vegas

adventures in solitude

Archie was happy to carry the conversation, and as glad as Greg was to take the invitation to breakfast, he was doubly glad when Archie's phone went off and he had to leave. Neutral at best was nothing to be proud of, and this was his life, and he was going to get used to it, and going to harden himself, and if he was unhappy about the situation, well, that was just tough fucking shit.
[72k] Slash. Gil and Greg break up; a tragedy in five acts. this, oh. I don't know.

neon to the first floors

There's a small blood smear on the door to your left that he hasn't found yet. As you turn, he does too, and the soft sigh he gives you when he sees it is indicative of his eternal failure.
[9k] Gen. Grissom and Greg.

dead zone


Everyone here believes in God. Everywhere you turn, when someone bumps an elbow against your tightly clenched fist you get a flash of someone's prayer.
[12k] Gen. Set in the season two episode of Bruce's father's wake. Johnny's pov.

empire records

the world's own change

The next day was Thursday, but it felt like Monday. Only on Mondays did Mark ever manage to set off the store alarm.
[16k] Gen. Lucas wants a change. Set after the movie, and in my head, before CSI: Miami.

leave my wings behind me

Staff turnover had always been fairly high at Empire, but lately they couldn't keep anyone around, couldn't make anyone stick. No one was willing to say that Joe had lost some of his focus. No one was willing to say it, anyway.
[12k] Gen. Lucas finds himself leaving. Sequel to "the world's own change".



By now they were at his dad's car, and any minute his dad was gonna come out of the pharmacy with some new inane toothpaste recommendation.  It was bad enough Ephram had to go through that, if he could help it he'd save Laynie.
[12k] Het. Ephram/Laynie, alternate season one.


capsize: to turn upside down

The snow is thick, but the blowing wind will scour the shore soon enough, Duke knows. This cold snap will break too, though this afternoon his boat is going to be freezing, freezing and damp with all the snow drifts. Maybe he should have covered the boat more carefully.
[12,427 words] Audrey/Duke/Nathan. Written for Holly Poly 2015 for roseveare. The disappearing-pot-of-gold-at-the-end-of-the-rainbow Trouble. Also, this is maybe only implied Audrey/Nathan/Duke, and more like Audrey/Duke with a friendship and sexual attraction for Nathan and Duke? but goddamned did I try.

the invisibles


"Pop, like Chronos the Titan, always eats its darlings."
there are five members in an invisibles cell; five members of nsync. you do the math. (co-written with and hosted by kate bolin, unfinished).

santa claus eats babies

People walked around in some plastic cosmopolitan smiling fishbowls, snowglobe pretty and carrying stupid parcels of stupid gifts.
[8k] Gen. for the holiday fanfiction project one year.

keen eddie


So of course, there was red and green Jello shooters, and Eddie got to see Pippin naked, and maybe they passed out for a while with no clothing on. Technically, nothing happened. In the biblical sense.
[8k] 3some. this was for yuletide 2006 for Bast. Eddie/Fiona/Pippin; wacky threesomes.



Sidney, the dear man, would probably call that a big of lingering psychosis, but since there's a nice post-war psychologist taking care of you at fifty dollars an hour, paid for by the U.S. Army, you're not going to discuss it. Every week a man named Roger sits you down on a sofa, dark green, and you talk about your dad, and your new practise, and Roger listens and smiles at you. He doesn't take notes, which is why you still go. The other guy took a lot of notes, and coughed at random intervals.
[1500 words] Gen. Hawkeye.

the matrix


No one takes the short blond seriously. Not even if she breaks their collarbone first. And that was the first mission I got.
[48k] Gen. an origin story for Switch and Apoc.

miss fisher's murder mysteries

On the Etiquette of Breakfast Invitations

When she'd invited the two of them to dinner, Phryne hadn't ever considered the two of them ganging up on her. "More fool I," she muttered, and busied herself with serving the first course.
[2,900 words] Phryne/Jack, Phryne/Lin, and all together.

ocean's 11


Rusty was playing the game, but only out of affection, not from any hope of actually winning. Saul would either do it or he wouldn't; Rusty couldn't change that.
[12k] uh, Gen, except how is Rusty and Danny *gen*? Rusty and Danny, written before O12.

the perfect con

The whole picture, much like a floorplan, comes together because of a hundred smaller details, and each one has to be reviewed before the thing will work.
[16k] Gen. written for the yuletide 2004 challenge, for K. a pre-O11 story.


into the fire

OZ/Buffy x-over, series. mid season 4. a lot of these stories could be better. Links to the series page, since they're all listed there. if you want to know which ones I'd actually recommend, check out the btvs section.

day to day dying

What a horrible way to die, on your knees, sucking off some random guy like he spurted heroin. It's not even execution style. It's a goddamned suicide.
[8k] Slash(ish). O'Reily, Beecher/Keller, season 4.

opposite of redemption

The people you gotta look in the face, they tip your balances. They tally it up, and send it back to you, each and every day. And guess what? There's just too much pain for anyone. That's the motto here.
[8k] Slash(ish). Keller, season 4. for quite a while I was, let's say, interested, in Chris Keller.


it takes forty years

Sam sits on the couch and bites her lip to keep from crying.  She doesn't want Chloe to see.  She bites it so hard she can taste blood in her mouth.
[8k] Gen. Sam and Bailey. a secret santa fic for cahra.

queer as folk

it's the end of the world as we know it

Decontamination took about a week. To get a vaccination from the guy's blood took twice as long. The British health minister was optimistic. No, they wouldn't reopen the airports.
[8k] Gen. crossover with west wing. Brian Kinney and Josh Lyman at the end of the world. for kel's birthday.

swimming with sharks [unfinished as of oct 2021, but I'm working on it]

The thing that Justin didn't fully understand until he was interning at Vangard was: when you stop moving, you die.
[30k and counting] Brian/Justin. Post-s03e08 and beyond, expands on canon. Justin and Brian work it out.



It was at a party, and Isabel didn't know what possessed her.  Maria kept her eyes widened, she stared, but she didn't pull away.  After a minute, Isabel did the pulling away.
[20k] 3some. Maria/Isabel/Michael. Isabel gets lonely. This one took years to finish.

star wars: rebels

need to know

Hera hears about the lullabies from General Airen once they get to Yavin IV.
[1000 words] Set between season three and four.

studio 60 on the sunset strip

alone through silverlake

You're considering tattooing 'ridiculousness' onto your forehead, just to warn everyone. In advance.
[16k] Gen? Het? Matt and Harriet break up; really this time.


into the dark

He thinks about Cas's small smile, outside the motel room, and digs deep inside himself: he pulls himself up, fingernail by fingernail. Sam doesn't have faith in god: he knew god. Prayer is just letters to the people he still misses. But faith--

"I hope you're happy, Jack, somewhere," Sam says, and gets in the car.

[7100 words] Sam. Dean. Sam/Dean. Dean/Cas. Dean and Cas. Sam, survives, prays, lives, dies, and hopes. By jack, we'll make it. this is likely the only supernatural story I'll ever write.

terminator, the sarah connor chronicles


the tin man and the scarecrow, the odd couple, he used to say.
Cameron's programming is more complex than people know. (written mostly between season one and two, which means it may not be accurate at all regarding Cameron's actual functioning.)

the untamed / cql

delayed reaction

He finds Jiang Cheng leaning against the wall in the hallway, next to the single stall washroom near the staff exit. "Took you long enough," is all he gives Wei Wuxian before ducking inside.
[1800 words] Jiang Cheng/Wei Wuxian. basically modern au porn from twitter.

many kisses

One of Jiang Cheng's favourite things in the world was to get Wei Wuxian -- his brilliant shixiong, a genius who always knew what to say and what to do -- so turned on he lost his glib words.
[3400 words] Jiang Cheng/Wei Wuxian. Fills from twitter kiss prompts, mostly unconnected but all jiang cheng/wei wuxian being, well, them.

the water's edge

Placating Jiang Cheng was always a gamble, but... "Listen, listen. I've got a back up plan." As he said it, he looked around -- trying for casual, probably hitting vaguely frantic. "Look, we're going to go swimming, since we can't have a drink."
[1400 words] Jiang Cheng/Wei Wuxian. Prompt was skinny dipping, pre-Cloud Recesses era.

you aren't the safe bet

It starts during a cultivation conference at the Unclean Realms where Wei Wuxian is bored out of his mind. He leans over and whispers, "Jiang Cheng really did grow up to be as beautiful as his terrifying mother, didn't he?"
[7100 words] Jiang Cheng/Wei Wuxian. TL:DR seven thousand words of thirst.

veronica mars


people don't believe you when you say, "it could have been worse".
[929 words] Written in 2014 after the movie came out. Six things that didn't happen to prove the movie is a happy ending.

I wish I was in Tijuana

They're always on the same lawn chair because they want to have permission to be gentle with another human being, they want to be close to someone. They're always drinking because even in her wildest flights of fancy she can't quite make things perfect.
[16k] Het Logan disappears. Veronica/Logan. after season one.

I'm on a wavelength far from home

Logan holds up a Visa, a plain old Visa, with Lynn Echolls' name on it. Of course. How poetic. "Frankly, I'm surprised it took you this long."
[24k] Het? sequel to "I wish I was in Tijuana". Veronica finds him. Veronica/Logan.

twenty one reasons why a bad idea remains a bad idea, even if it feels like a good one at the time

You look at Logan, and he looks at you; the two of you are the only people in the room that could possibly hate the idea of a Lilly Kane Memorial Fountain. For five seconds it's like you're on the same wavelength.
[24k] Het. Veronica/Logan. started after the end of season one, and finished like five episodes before the end of season two.

into the stubborn deep

Trina wipes her eyes. "We specified family only," she tells you. "It's for the best," she says, "Trust me," and suddenly you really don't.
[40k] Het? Gen? alternately titled "amnesia!Logan". alternate season two.

voltron: legendary defender

chance meeting

Ellana sighed; she was almost home-free for the day, almost ready to turn in and start her actual job of gathering intelligence for the Blades. She activated her mask, painfully aware that even with her grimy hood drawn to hide the Blades' uniform, she risked exposure. "All I have left is gorak," she called out from the kitchen closet.
[950 words] Vaguely VLD universe, Dragon Age: Inquisiton characters.

decisions travel far from heart to head

Keith took Shiro's hand, and told him, "I love you, Shiro, you're my family. You'll always be my family." The next day, he signed up to take a two-phoeb mission to Balmera.
[2166 words] This isn't the happy ending, because adulting is harder than 'I love you', it's what comes after that's work and sometimes can't be fixed. (vaguely post season 8.)

"Statistical Modelling of Quintessence Fluctuations as Affected by Coalition Task-Force Non-Standard Units of Time: Case Study by M. Holt"

So once upon a time-- actually, wait, that's the part that's wrong.

Once upon some quiznaking thing that pretended to be time, except humans experience time as a straight line while, let's be honest, anyone who understands higher math knows it isn't really straight, and not a line, and has a lot of little squiggles in it--

Anyway, once upon somebody's idea (but not Matthew Holt's) of time as a meandering, looping mess of a squiggle, this happened.

[2166 words] Keith/Shiro, Matt Holt POV. Post-season 8, comedy. Mostly comedy? Alternate title: "matt holt accidentally discovers time travel just to stop shiro pining dot docx", and-- honestly, that pretty much sums it up.


wap! is this, uh, made up fandom. which is basically an alternate popslash fandom. with a made up 5 person group and made up characters. oh, yeah, and three of them are mutants. an alternate-reality popslash fandom if there was a popslash fandom set in the x-men movieverse?

24 hr party people

Izzy shrugged, grabbing his duffle and throwing it over his shoulder.  His arms bulged with muscles most people didn't see.  "Knock yourself out."
[9k] written as emmiz.

at swim, two boys

Swimming is exposure in an artificial setting.
[17k]  written as jubal and sachett, with river.

the butterfly effect

Alex threw a drink cup at Jana's head, who fingered him without turning around.  "A butterfly," he said, "can flap its wings in Norway, or Iceland, or Mozambique or something," and Jana threw a book back at him, "and we get held up by a three car traffic accident."
[22k] written as martha. romantic comedy.


Izzy sits, perfectly composed, perfectly natural, not saying a word.  When Alex and Rick are finished, he shrugs at Rosie.  "You see what I have to do to get anyone's attention around here?"
written as misa.

west wing

it's the end of the world as we know it

Decontamination took about a week. To get a vaccination from the guy's blood took twice as long. The British health minister was optimistic. No, they wouldn't reopen the airports.
[8k] Gen. crossover with queer as folk. Brian Kinney and Josh Lyman at the end of the world. for kel's birthday.


plastic reindeer

All those things had definite hellish qualities about them - looked like hell, felt like hell, had even smelled a bit like brimstone. But now Jaye knew better. Hell was a wax lion and his newly acquired evil genius partner, plastic reindeer, singing "Silent Night", off-key.
[12k] Het? Written for Yuletide 2005, set after the show.