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In the end he doesn't regret driving out to see Madison drinking beer with her band like it wasn't the end of the world, a heart stopping piece of action like nothing in the world.

"Because, like," and then Ephram stops, because he realizes that he was about to reference he and Madison to Amy and Colin, how Amy was let down so harshly now no one can hurt her that bad and maybe it'll be like that. but Ephram figures if there's one person that's not going to go down with, it's Bright. mostly because it's just not something he'd say to Bright, not still.

Bright fills in the sentence; he's good for that, he just plows through with, "it was a stupid ass thing to say to her?"

"well, yeah." Ephram sighs. "Thanks." he scratches his nose; "it's more like - things can't get worse, she can't do anything too horrible to me now. she's done it."

Bright holds up two cans - beer, and coke. Ephram hesitates, takes the coke, and Bright puts the beer down. "You hope," Bright tells him.

Ephram really does, but then life has kind of taught him that no matter what, just when you think things suck worse than they ever could, something gets worse. "yeah, well." he hangs his head. "I guess it's just kind of like." He gets a bit embarrassed. "Amy never broke my heart. you know? it was fucked up and it was really hard--" and Bright snorts, cause hey, "--but, she never." Ephram swallows. "I guess, it's just different when you start to. I dunno."

Bright makes him snap his head up when Bright finish his sentence again, this time with, "Trust someone?" As Ephram blinks, trying to figure out where Bright's sudden insight came from, Bright rolls his eyes. "sometimes I do get stuff, okay? Jeez."


"it's just worse, when someone like that lets you down, I guess."

Ephram looks at Bright, out of the corner of his eye. They don't really talk about Colin, not because they don't want to but because sometimes you have to push on to the next thing. Maybe Bright's thinking about him right now; thinking about it, about how Bright felt responsible for Colin, Ephram realizes that, of course Bright gets it.