there are so many stories that aren't up here anymore. like, oh my god. uh. at some point I should clean some of them up, but there's just so much work involved.

"[insert plot device here], wackiness ensues!"


"wake up".
nsync/invisibles the comic xover, cowritten with kate bolin. there are five members of an Invisible cell; there are five members of a boyband.

black magic woman

[40k] Lance takes up with the black arts; wackiness ensues.
Lance/Chris, eventually. special guest appearance by john constantine from hellblazer.


[44k] Lance comes back from space with a fever; wackiness ensues.
Lance/Justin. the illogical yet ever-so-insistent 'musthavesex' illness. it started out kind of normal, and then.

going to the chapel

[52k] Justin and Lance get engaged; wackiness ensues.
Justin/Lance, and as Sandy the Older warns at one point: this is an otp wallow, yo. marriage fic. now, complete with commentary.

I just love your brain: Pseudo-Intellectual Voodoo Cult Princess Remix

[16k] remix from 2003 - original story by Kate Bolin. there are zombies, and Britney.

I want to have your abortion

[48k] Justin wakes up pregnant; wackiness ensues.
Lance/Justin. it's funny. if you're me. because, well, I had the hilarious idea of writing a tragic mpreg, and then people would have to say "where's the punchline?" and I could think in my head "I made you read serious mpreg! what more of a punchline do you need?" ...but maybe it's just funny if you're me.

psycho boy

[60k] Kevin Richardson kidnaps Justin; wackiness ensues.
no real pairing. there's o-town locked in Lance's basement. Uh. trying a little too hard with the black comedy, here. cliche kidnapping fic.

ring the alarm

[264k] it's the end of the world as we know it; wackiness ensues.
Christina, Pink, Britney, Justin, Redman, and lots of others. there's lots of sex, and drugs. based off many, many pop videos. the obligatory futuristic cyberpunk AU.

rising sun

[68k] JC wakes up psychic; wackiness ensues.
JC/Justin. mystery, suspense, voodoo. originally this intended to be a lot more about the mystery and the murders than it actually is.

sleep to dream

[84k] Justin wakes up crazy; wackiness ensues.
Justin/Lance. alternately titled "guy, *nterrupted". also, it was supposed to be comedic and ended up something else. mental asylum AU. also, complete with commentary.


[68k] Lance! discovers! slash! wackiness ensues.
Justin/Lance. uh, there's not much to say about that. part of it is written as emails. there are fandom injokes. someone discovers fic.

that's the way

Lance wakes up a boy; wackiness ensues.
Lance/Justin. genderswap. kind of. Sheila and I had a converation where she pointed out circa 1998, Lance was really a butch lesbian.

walk like a camelidae

[36k] Lance wakes up a llama; wackiness ensues.
Lance/Joey. originally Sylvia's idea; co-opted it for my own purposes. rips off from the movie "emperor's new groove."

lambs hooker AU (called "sex sells"), lambs college AU (alternately titled 'bgsk!inluv'), lambs southern baptist preacher au, lambs high school au (alternately titled 'crack') - actually in progress. because, dude. a website is not complete without a hooker AU, a college au, or a high school au.

a star in everybody's eyes

first four stories are also alternate realities of "flesh mechanic." almost all of these were cowritten with kel.

love you like tupperware

[12k] Justin said, "I want to pack you a lunch."
Lance/Justin. cowritten with kel. This is the first thing we co-wrote, and it all had to do with us both wanting an nsync lunchbox off ebay.

graffiti where you've never been kissed

[36k] Justin gets in touch with his feminine side.
Justin/Joey. cowritten with kel. we tried so hard to write this to be funny, and secretly anti-feminist, and yet it came out kind of odd. and we couldn't write the sex no matter what, so vivian helped us out.

don't believe everything that you breathe

[44k] Symbiosis with a side of sex.
Chris/Justin. cowritten with kel. we wrote half of this in the car waiting at the border on the way to the beck concert where "nobody's fault but my own" was born. probably the most AU of the "flesh mechanic" prequels, except there's the part in here where he kicks the wall to feel the BEAT.

nobody's fault but my own

[48k] Sometimes you gotta roadie it alone.
Justin/JC. cowritten with kel. for the Definitive Wonder challenge. a pairing that we forced ourselves to write. we saw beck live in concert, and said "oh my god. Justin should so grow up to be Beck." which, we know. he won't. but we can dream.

slip through your net

[24k] To Justin, Lance thought. To Justin. To Justin. Why not.
Lance/Justin. Ish. This was for kel's birthday, so it maybe doesn't count since technically we didn't co-write it, except we kind of did. lyrics and title tori amos.

flesh mechanic: not an AU

[748k] Chris, then, is more significant in his absence.
cowritten with kel. the pairing here is left up to reader imagination. kind of. and, Justin did all the work for this story - we just culled from the news. I mean, he stalked a girl in the shower. come on.

also, kel convinced me finally to do commentary with her for the cult of Timberlake story. so.

I swallow words like a placebo

after all the dreaming

[12k] People keep proving the passage of time.
Chris hasso much of his life tied up into people that constantly change. we constantly change.


[12k] If they asked, she'd marry him tomorrow.
Britney/Justin. written not long after the rumours they'd broken up - in other words, before him and Cameron and before she got married. both times.

blue morning

[8k] "No rest for the wicked, huh?" Chris stood up, and pulled Justin up too.
Chris/Justin. for my sadly failed counting crows challenge. set during the making the tour for no strings attached.

dancing days

[36k] There are crumbs behind Justin, leading a trail into the sink and down the drain.
this is my definitive Lance.

dirty girl

[26k] The magazine looks boring; Lance reads them to keep grounded. There's nothing better for that than reading something that's totally inaccurate about yourself.
Chris, Justin and Lance. This is sort of a songfic to Eminem.

do your thing

[20k] That night, Lance let Justin fuck him, and Joey screwed up the choreography in Denver.
Lance/Justin. for Emmy's Take Back the Songfic challenge and also hosted there. This is kind of my definitive "Lance goes to space" story.

fall and climb

[16k] and [12k] Joey is canonized.
Joey/Lance. I will never write another serious Jola story.

madness likes him

[36k] "Chris don't like madness, but madness likes him."
Chris/Justin, kinda.

miss you like sleep

[28k] The trick is, to figure out what matters and leave the rest of it alone.
Lance/Justin. this is anything and everything I ever wanted to say about lambs. a Sandy the Older birthday story.

no matter what

[16k] They slept together the day before he saw the MTV diary special, probably the thousandth rerun on VH1 and still the first time he'd caught it. He felt like even more of an asshole, especially watching Linda Perry slap her ass easily, readily, as if she had the right.
Christina/Justin. This was for the Christina lyrics challenge, and it didn't really end up being quite how it was supposed to, but there's something in it that I really wanted to say about her.

sad parade

[15k] Justin never sent anyone a forwarding address.
Lance/Justin. Twelve things that never happened to Lance and Justin because one thing did. Sandy the Older birthday fic!


[16k] "It's a little, it's a little weird."
Lance/JC. when I reread it, I realized it was kind of totally a rip off from lesasoja's "experience" series.


[24k] Sometimes, Lance thinks that the only times they're honest with each other are in gas stations, and presses a hand to his forehead.
Chris knows he's not a superhero. this is really Chris and Justin.

thank you

[16k] Justin turns thirty and he means it every time.
Justin/Lance. this was also remixed by CJ! --the story goes, we saw the last concert *NSYNC will probably ever do, on the Celebrity tour in Orlando. and someone in the crowd - later I found out, someone in the popslash fandom even - had this banner, white on black, very simple, with the words "thank you!" on it. and it was so, something.

these wasted blues

[8k] "You really deserved this," she added, and when he glanced at her sharply, Christina amended, "It was a good video."
Christina/Justin. Everyone who saw the '03 MTV VMAS saw Britney tongue-kiss Madonna. what you might not have seen is Christina standing beside them.